S E R V I C E     T I M E S

Sunday Celebration

Sunday at 10:00am


Word & Fellowship

Wednesday at 7:30pm

T H E    C H U R C H

We are a church that believes in Jesus

& loves God and people.

We are a Body of Believers from all walks of life that love God and people.
Overwhelmed by the gift of Salvation we have found in Jesus, we strive for authentic worship & a desire
to share this Gospel with a hungry world.
W H A T   W E   D O

 Our Mission


Love Our


Through Corporate Worship, we join other believers on Sunday and we express our belief that the church is one body: the body of Christ.
Through Personal Worship: a daily commitment to Prayer, Fasting, & Bible reading allows God to work in our hearts, changing us from the inside out.

Serve Our Community 

We serve our Community two ways: Inside & Outside. Inside includes everything things it takes to gather hundreds of people in Worship every Sunday. We serve Outside through our Bus Ministry, Bridge Church, Food Bank, 
Harvest House of Hope. 

Reach Our World

We reach our World two ways. Through Invite Cards, Special Events, Bible Studies/Home Groups, Social Media/Website, giving to Missionaries & also Home Missions we GO into the world. We also Reach by training the Church with Bible Study Classes, Discipleship Classes, & THRIVE Leadership Classes.  
C U R R E N T   S E R I E S

We Are The Church





“Love is an Action.

Not a feeling that we

are moved by because

feelings change.

It’s a decision!”


– Thomas Clayton




T H E   C H U R C H 



 We believe that we are blessed by God to be a Blessing to others. With that in mind, we give of our Time, our Talents, and also our Treasure. It is our desire that you be able to Give securely.

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World Harvest Community Church
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