World Harvest Community Church was founded in August of 1965 when Rev. W.L. Clayton conducted the first service with 13 people in attendance. The small congregation met in a 1,250 square foot block building located on Goodrich Road in Charleston Heights. (Goodrich Road later became West Montague Avenue.Picture14
   In 1968 the 1,250 square foot block building, along with the 75’ X 200’ property was donated to the congregation for One Dollar. In September of that year a duplex apartment next to the church was purchased for classrooms. The Pastor and his family lived in one side of the duplex and the other side was used for Sunday School classrooms. This new building increased the overall building size to a total of 2,750 square feet and property size to 150’ X 200’.scan0015__2_
    The summer of 1970 brought about the turning point in the church. After five years of struggling to get a new church established, a nine week revival was started with Rev. Chester Wright and his wife. On July 4, 1970 after weeks of consistent prayer, fasting and door knocking, 15 people were baptized in the Ashley River and this was said to be the beginning of a lasting revival that is still being felt in the church today. The foundation of the church was now laid with new members.
scan0051__3_    On October 18, 1970 the church broke the one hundred mark by having 113 in Sunday School. 0n August 19, 1973 a new record was set with 182 in Sunday School, and on December 22, 1974 the two hundred mark was almost conquered with 199, but it wasn’t until March 30, 1975 that it was conquered with 254. On Easter Sunday 1975 the highest attendance was recorded with 307.
    In February, 1975 a lot that joined the existing property on the back side facing Seiberling Road was purchased. Attendance records were being broken, property was being purchased and people were being born into the kingdom.
scan0037__3_     On February 8, 1976 a new Sunday School attendance record was set, with 366. In September of 1976, the church purchased three lots expanding the existing property on the Seiberling Road side. One lot with a trailer park was left to be conquered before the four lots on Seiberling Road could be joined together.
    In July 1979, the church purchased the last lot in the center of the church property, giving us a solid block of five lots on Seiberling Road and two lots on Montague Avenue. With the new property, the church now owned approximately three acres of land.
scan0014__3_   In 1980, the name of the church was changed to World of Evangelism.
On April 10, 1982, Easter Sunday, the attendance in church was 455, setting a new record. The church was now full, the 25’ X 50’ building could not hold the people, so children’s church was conducted every service to help with the crowded conditions. The church began plans to build, only to be stopped by the city due to incomplete sewage access in the area. 
scan0096__2_     In 1983 the church came up with and alternative plan and the city approved it. A 2,508 square foot modular building was purchased and moved in to be used for a sanctuary with seating for 250 people. This now gave the church several buildings with over 5,000 square feet of space.
 The Easter of 1985 again saw record breaking attendance, with 733 in Sunday School that day. The church continued to grow and was anticipating the day that new facilities could be built.scan0107
     In November 1988, ground was broken for a new 10,800 square foot sanctuary and in September 1989 the first service was held in this 600 seat sanctuary with offices and classes. Another modular building was also purchased giving us two modular buildings. Each modular building was modified to make additional class rooms. The balcony was later finished increasing seating capacity to 800.
    On Easter 1993 we started an Easter Drama entitled “No Greater Love”. The following Easter 1994 we broke all records with 974 in attendance and now each Easter we have over 3,000 in attendance and new people brought into the church.scan0064
   In 1995 Thomas Clayton assumed the role of full-time pastor, elevating W. L. Clayton to Senior Pastor and affording him the time and freedom to travel the state helping other churches.
    In April 1997 the church incorporated under the name of World Harvest Ministries of Charleston, Inc. The church now operates numerous ministries within this corporation.scan0042_op_640x437
   In November 1999 the church began a building project that would bring our sanctuary, classrooms, and offices under one roof. We are now nearing the completion of an additional 10,000 square feet to the existing building. The church complex now has over 20,000 square feet of space.
      In January 2000, the church began a Spanish Ministry under the leadership of Pastor Victor M. Melendez that is now averaging over 100 in attendance on a weekly basis.
DSCF0079     In 2003 W.L. Clayton became Bishop Over World Harvest Ministries and El Faro Apostolico of Charleston (Spanish Church). Thomas Clayton became Senior Pastor over World Harvest and Victor M. Melendez Senior Pastor over El Faro Apostolico, with the Spanish Church being a separate corporation under World Harvest Ministries.
     May 2007 World Harvest purchased four duplex apartments next to the church with .47 acre of land. This bring the total land to over 5 acres, and over 25,000 square feet of building.
June of 2013 the church purchased 4 acres of land with 22 apartments behind the church, the World Harvest now has over 9 acres of property with the new land facing I-526.